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NYJDI Brings Designer Trilogy Course to New York, with a Focus on Jewelry Branding, Sales and Business

Photo:  Courtney of Nancy Klein

The New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) is the education destination for those looking to start their own business or refine and learn new skills in the jewelry and gem trade. As part of the school’s commitment to excellence, a new trilogy course has been launched to teach business essentials for budding designers. The three courses, spread throughout the year, are: Jewelry Marketing and Branding, Increase Your Jewelry Sales, and the Business of Jewelry Design. This is the first trilogy series of its kind at NYJDI, created to build upon skills learned at previous workshops, with a practical industry element.

Jewelry Marketing and Branding, taught by Vashti de Verteuil, is an exploration of the differences between both concepts, and will focus on the importance on brand marketing. Students will explore emotional marketing, targeted marketing, and will learn how to set a brand purpose. “Jewelry Designers will learn how to set up, grow, and manage a successful business. Setting up a business without the course would be like taking a long road trip without referencing GPS, road maps, or road signs.” says Vashti de Verteuil, owner of Gallery Vercon and Professor at Parsons. She brings her expertise as a freelance accessories designer for brands such as Yves St. Laurent, and other Parisian couture houses. Jewelry Marketing and Branding is an 8-session class, held on Thursday evenings from March 9th through April 27th, 2017.

As a follow-up to brand marketing, Increase Your Jewelry Sales explores strategies to help grow the bottom line. A business cannot survive without sales; this course covers how to gain and sustain value in the marketplace, examine brand reputation, and increase perceived value to customers. Nancy Klein, Marketing and Branding Professor at Parsons, says, “Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. Students will be inspired to launch their brand with the skills needed to make it happen. In the course, they will learn the tools to jump-start their business while learning new ideas in each class.” In addition, a list of prospective opportunities will be distributed once the class concludes. Increase Your Jewelry Sales will be held on Thursday evenings, from May 4th-June 22nd, 2017 at NYDJI’s midtown location.

Jenine Lepera Izzi, Creative Director of NYJDI, says, “Budding jewelry designers are very passionate about their designs and put the majority of their energy into creating amazing pieces. Unfortunately, they struggle to fully launch their careers because they lack the business skills to do so. What most creative people don’t realize is that designing is actually a business. A successful designer will spend 20% of their time ‘designing’ and 80% of their time running their business. We strive to make sure our students learn how to design jewelry, as well as learn how to run a successful business. Our instructors are not only jewelry designers, but have also spent years on the business side. The students benefit from their real life experiences, and that is at the core of the new Designer Trilogy.”

The third installment of NYJDI’s Designer Trilogy course will be launching this fall, with the Business of Jewelry Design. For those looking to start their own brand, the class explores everything from legal setup, to developing a business plan to growth via marketing and sales. Also taught by Vashti de Verteuil, the class seamlessly fits into the NYJDI Designer Trilogy, by going through the checklist of starting a business and the registration process.

For more information about the courses, contact NYJDI 212-777-5393 (JEWEL) or email info@nyjdi.com. For more information about this release, contact info@pietrapr.com or call 212-913-9761.


An educational haven for budding designers and jewelry pros looking to enhance their skills, the New York Jewelry Design Institute was founded in 2013 by Jenine Lepera Izzi, an interior designer turned jewelry designer who was inspired to pursue the field while living in Florence, Italy. The school was conceived out of a passion for design; a belief that the same design process used by the world’s leading artists and designers could be applied to the jewelry industry. The school has since expanded the curriculum to include many new practical courses.