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Photoshop for Design Presentation


Adobe Photoshop for Jewelry Design (4) Sessions

This course is for beginners but has plenty of useful information for intermediate users. Photoshop is an incredibly rich and intuitive program not just for retouching but also for creating original works of visuals that look like drawings, paintings or photography, intended for use in print and digital media as well as creating final touches on works brought in from other programs like CAD or illustrator. We will learn how to create eye catching “drama” in a visuals and how to work in non-destructive ways, so alterations or variations can be achieved quickly and efficiently. The course will offer skills in Photoshop that apply specifically to Jewelry Design but will include techniques that go beyond.

 Students are required to bring their own laptop loaded with Photoshop CS 6 or later and wacom or intuos tablet to class.


 Download a free 30 trial of Adobe Photoshop here


In this class you will learn how to: