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Designing with CAD – Jewerly Software

The ability to design and craft fine jewelry is an art that has been desired and appreciated since ancient times. But recently, this traditionally meticulous and painstaking work has been completely revolutionized by computer assisted design (CAD) and rapid prototyping technology. The latest versions of this software have been specifically created for jewelry artists, meaning you no longer have to be a computer engineer to use them. They’re intuitive and free-flowing, and the on-screen design tools and functionality are very easy to master.

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By learning to expertly use this powerful software, and combining your knowledge from other NYJDI courses, you’ll be on your way to developing a suite of skills that will impress potential employers and clients. Through CAD, you’ll able to transform your visions into three-dimensional models ready for presentation and casting. The flexibility of your designs is virtually endless. In a surprisingly short amount of time, you’ll have the skills to pull, bend, twist and extend your designs in creative and compelling ways that take you far beyond the boundaries of traditional hand wax carving.

This software also gives you the freedom to experiment, because it retains a full history of your design changes and saves them for easy access, anytime. That way, you can insert new stones, alter a setting, and tweak any design with the confidence of knowing you can always go back any amount of steps, with no need to recreate the design.

The final touch comes with Rapid Prototyping, which produces startlingly realistic displays. The detailed photo imaging and renderings let you share life-like, professional results with your teachers, colleagues and customers to gain their approval and input before moving on to the final model.