We’ve all experienced being at the crossroads between pursuing a “legitimate” career and a not so lucrative “fun” career.

The “legitimate” career pays the bills and puts food on the table but it may not be so fulfilling – at least for a big chunk of Americans. According to studies 61% of Americans want to leave their current jobs, as of 2023, while 20% of the population are actually passionate about their jobs. 

Let’s break it down with some simple math. There are 8,760 hours in one calendar year.

Subtract 2,080 hours – accounting for the average 40 hour work week.

Now let’s say you sleep an average of 7 hours per day. Subtract another 2,555 hours.

We are now left with 4,125 hours. Assuming that you are spending time socially with family and friends while performing basic duties such as cooking and cleaning, subtract another 2,000 hours – give or take depending on varying lifestyles. 

How are you spending the remaining precious 2,125 hours of the year?

In recent years, successful entrepreneurs have shared their business endeavors on short form social media platforms such as TikTok. The grind of side hustles and having multiple streams of income have become the hot talk of this decade.

But after a long 10 hour work day including traveling, you’re too burnt out to even begin to think of another way to grind and dig yourself deeper into capitalism. That’s when you realize you don’t remember the last time you worked on something that you truly enjoyed.

Whether it be reading your favorite book, taking that pottery class you’ve been putting off, or finally starting that business of your dreams. It can be intimidating to take a leap of faith and pursue your dreams. Here’s how to simplify that leap of faith:

1. Educate yourself. Surf on youtube or sign up for a group class in your local neighborhood. Make yourself feel comfortable diving into a new world of information.

2. Ask a friend to join you on this new endeavor. We all can use company when trying something new and who knows? Maybe your friend will enjoy this hobby as well.

3. Take a private class. If you don’t feel comfortable in group settings, a one-on-one setting can relieve the pressure or stress. A judgment free zone can ease your nerves. 

These little steps add up to building the confidence and expertise on a hobby or a business.

It takes time, so be patient. Jenine, the Creative Director of New York Jewelry Design Institute was once a woman who took that leap of faith to travel and study abroad in Europe to pursue her design dreams. Now she teaches hundreds of aspiring jewelry designers and small business owners how to hone in on their skills.

Who knows what can happen when you unravel your talents and find your true passions. You’ll never discover your true talents if you never try! If you would like to pursue your jewelry design/making dreams check out the classes we offer here at New York Jewelry Design Institute. Learn with Jenine Lepera as she guides you through the foundation of all things jewelry!