Practical Guide to Buying Gemstones

Learn what it takes to buy gemstones - (6) Session

This class is for aspiring jewelry designers who are interested in understanding the basics of understanding how to purchase gemstones. This class will enable you to attend a trade show or visit a gem dealer’s office and purchase a variety of colored gemstones with knowledge about both gem qualities and prices. You will learn the variations in colored gems’ colors and inclusions and how that affects their value. You’ll also learn to recognize a well-cut gem – and how to save money choosing less well-cut stones that are still quite beautiful. Finally, you’ll also learn about gem carat weight, and how that factors into its price. All this will be taught, using real-life colored gemstones and some simple, portable tools of the trade. You’ll also learn how to differentiate between natural gems, lab-grown ones, and imitation gems. Finally, you’ll learn how gems are priced, and where to find information on current gem prices.


  • Best sources for specific gemstone and how to negotiate the best price.
  • You will gain insider information, what to look for and who to trust.
  • How to determine the characteristics & quality of lab grown vs natural.
  • Understanding the best setting for various stones.
  • How to work with jewelry setters and negotiate the best costs.
  • Creating custom cuts and working with Lapidaries.

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Alan Brodsky

About the Instructor

Alan Brodsky has been designing jewelry for more than 20 year. He is a skilled model maker, and Jewelry teacher at Parsons School of Design and the 92ndSt Y. His previous collections were sold nationally and editorialized in W Magazine, WWD, Elle, Vogue, and Bazaar. Each collection was inspired by my interest in architecture, art deco, and the Bauhaus movement. These collections were handmade in silver and in 18k gold. Currently, he uses cad/cam for design and manufacture fine jewelry and accessories.

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