Sculpting with ZBrush

This class is for beginners who want to learn the basic fundamentals of jewelry sculpting. We will be focusing on the process of creating a basic forms of jewelry in Z brush. Starting from simple concepts, we will create a base mesh for our jewelry and move into sculpting tools.


  • The fundamentals of jewelry sculpting.
  • How to add details, lines and elements to enhance your design.
  • How to size your ring to fit your finger.
  • The workflow and design philosophy.
  • To prepare and send your model for 3D printing

Prereqs & Preparation

CLASS REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to bring laptop, tablet and wireless mouse to class.
Download a Free 45 Day Trail of Zbrush

Course Videos


Retopology for Jewelry Designers

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Jean Gorospe

About the Instructor

Jean Gorospe has worked in the design industry for the past 15 years for a wide variety of companies, including jewelry, video games, and fabrication studios. His skills encompass everything from hi-res character modeling, CAD modeling for jewelry prototyping, and digital sculpting for CNC production. He lives and currently works for David Webb as Senior CAD Designer in New York City.


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