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Jewelry Designers: Learn to Buy Diamonds and Gems Like a Pro!

Guide to Buying Diamonds Color Stones NYJDI

The New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) and Harmony Academy have teamed up to offer jewelry designers two weekend diamond and gem classes during April 2017.


In both courses, instructors place emphasis on teaching trade secrets, valuable insider information, and various practical ways to identify and evaluate gemstones.


Practical Guide to Buying Diamonds,

 April  21-23, 2017 trains designers how to evaluate and buy diamonds.

Practical Guide to Buying Colored Stones,

April 8-30, 2017 teaches how to evaluate and buy colored gemstones.

Each class is 24 hours in total, over a long weekend, from Friday-Sunday. Both classes run from 9 am – 6 pm, and take place at NYJDI, located at 17 W. 45th Street, 9th floor in the heart of the diamond and jewelry district. For more information, click here: http://nyjdi.com/diamondguide/


“This program was just what I needed,” said Feyza E., who took the course last year. “It teaches practical gemology, and shows easy-to-use techniques for evaluation of gemstones.  I cannot thank the instructors enough for their expertise and friendly attitude. The course was very interactive and informative, and I had the opportunity to work with all the gemstones in their collection.  I strongly recommend this course to anyone!”


Our Instructors

The weekend classes are taught by Fazil Ozen and his associates, who are highly knowledgeable and experienced experts and gemologists passing on years of experience in the field.


The instructors’ highly effective hands-on methods for teaching practical skills and gemstone pricing will give you the confidence you need to become a knowledgeable buyer in the wholesale marketplace. Whether you’re attending a trade show, or visiting a diamond or gem dealer’s office, these vital skills will increase your professionalism and save you money.


“I am glad that I had the chance to find out about world market prices of gemstones,” says Alain B., who took the courses last year. “At some trade shows I’ve  attended before, I remember meeting people from Far East and Africa, who could just look at a gemstone with naked eye and tell the origin and price of it with amazing accuracy.  I now know how to do it myself and this gives me great confidence!”


Diamonds Class

In the diamond class, you’ll learn about the different grades of diamond whiteness and clarity (the better a diamond’s color and clarity, the more valuable it is). You’ll also learn how to recognize a well-proportioned diamond – and how to save money choosing less well-cut stones that are still quite beautiful. The class teaches how to evaluate diamonds using the industry standards developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Your instructors use an extensive collection of diamonds and some simple, portable tools to teach these skills.


In addition to that, instructors also teach how to differentiate between natural diamonds, lab-grown (synthetic) diamonds, and imitation diamonds, as well as how to recognize treatments to natural gems. “Lots of information is given on the inclusions seen in gemstones, and the newer imitation and synthetic stones,” observes Stephanie A., who took the class last year. “As a designer, I benefited so much from all that I learned here.”


Colored Gemstones Class

In the colored gemstone class, you’ll learn the variations in colored gems’ colors and inclusions and how that affects their value. You’ll also learn to recognize a well-cut gem, and how to save money choosing less well-cut stones that are still quite beautiful.


Again, real-life colored gemstones and some simple, portable tools will ease your learning curve.


Because natural colored gems also have treatments and lab-grown (synthetic) or imitation counterparts, you’ll also learn how to differentiate among them. “I learned so much, and I feel more confident already,” says Fikret C., another former student. “Mr.Ozen teaches very valuable practical information on identification of gems.  I particularly enjoyed the slide shows, and the stories he shares as well.”


Why do jewelry designers need these classes?  Here are the key reasons:


  • It’s the law.

Treated gems, as well as mined, lab-grown, and imitation stones are all perfectly OK to use in jewelry – but learning to differentiate them from natural and untreated gems is a skill all jewelry designers must learn – in order to disclose this information to consumers by law, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Jewelry Guides. To learn more about these rules, click here: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/media-resources/tools-consumers/jewelry-guides

  • You’ll distinguish yourself as a professional

Set yourself apart by increasing your product knowledge and learning various practical ways to identify and evaluate the stones you use.


  • You’ll increase your knowledge as a wholesale buyer of gems

Learn trade secrets, tricks, valuable insider information and practical knowledge that will help you with your future gemstone purchases.


  • You’ll become a more discerning jewelry designer.

 Expand your knowledge of characteristics and various qualities of gemstones to select just the right products for your future designs.


  • You’ll get to touch and feel real gems!

In the Diamonds course, you’ll work with an extensive collection of rough and cut diamonds. In the Colored Gemstones course, you’ll experience first-hand what more than 70 gemstones and imitation stones feel like and look like and how to tell them apart.

  • You’ll learn practical tests to differentiate between natural (mined), lab-grown (synthetic), and imitation gemstones.

Get hands-on experience working with rough and cut diamonds or colored gemstones through the use of different practical testing techniques.


Interested in become a professional when it comes to diamonds and gemstones? Then join New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) and Harmony Academy for both classes! There’s a special discount when you combine both classes, and if you’re a member of the Women’s Jewelry Association, you get an additional 10% off!


“I can’t believe how much I learned,” said our former student Marx S. “I feel good about not having to rely on equipment so much anymore when it comes to evaluating gemstones.  The money that I’ve spent for this course was so worth it!”


For more information and to sign up for both courses, visit: http://nyjdi.com/diamondguide/