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New Course on Buying Perfect Gemstones


Learn identification and pricing during on how to buy the perfect gemstones.

With Valentine’s Day and spring collections
around the corner, shoppers are asking how to buy the perfect gemstones.  There is nothing like those pink, red and purple gems that say
“I love you” in a classic way. With the skills to identify and select stones, they can feel
secure in purchasing for their loved ones. This February, Buying Colored Gemstones
is the latest New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) course launch, with Alan
Brodsky at the helm.

“Choosing gemstones is a unique expression of oneself. Buying gems is a creative part
of the artistic experience. Gemstones are the personal pallet, offering a selection for
expression,” says designer and professor, Alan Brodsky.

The six-session class teaches gem buying with confidence, explaining the ins and outs
of price guides, determining quality of cut, color, carat weight and clarity, and how
that affects value. Using portable tools, students will handle a variety of stones,
learning to differentiate between imitation, lab-grown, and natural stones.  Attendees will also
learn when something should go to a lab for further testing.

Jenine Lepera Izzi, Creative Director of NYJDI, says of the class, “We are very
excited to offer this class to gemstone aficionados.  It has been in the works for a long
time.  Many lose confidence when they are in front of a salesperson at a store, looking
at jewelry pulled from the cases. This class helps students with their buying
confidence. They learn what to look for, and how to negotiate the best price for the
perfect stone.”

By educating on the characteristics of various stones, and their qualities for
identification, the course offers an invaluable education for those who don’t have the
time to immerse themselves in a long-term gemology program. Now, shoppers don’t
have to purchase stones solely relying on the identification from another, especially
where a certificate isn’t present.