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Photo Editing & Retouching Workshop


Photo Editing & Retouching Workshop – (1) Sessions

 No matter how well the image was captured during the shooting process, the very
nature of jewelry photography requires the image to be retouched and fine tuned in the
post production, so it can be presented in all it’s glory and perfection.
In this Jewelry retouching one day workshop students will learn the essential skills to
manipulate and enhance digital images using Adobe Photoshop software
Students will learn how to use non destructive image editing techniques using
adjustment layers such as curves , levels and selective color balance as well as making
sections to enhance parts of the image. Dodging, burning and cropping techniques will
be covered
Participants will learn how to use High Pass Filter in order to apply professional
sharpening techniques to digitally prepare images for for a variety of output options,
whether for print or the web.
We will cover file naming, color management and color modes as well as computer
screen calibration
in order to produce “true colors” required by the industry.

For this class you will need

•  your laptop
•  Adobe Photoshop installed or have the free trial version
* your own digital files for retouching




Classes are held Saturday  (1) sessions
April 14, 2018  10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Price for this workshop $295.00 
No refunds after classes begin.

About the Instructor:  Janusz Kawa was born in Warsaw, Poland and studied photography and film at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has worked for many years as a fashion photographer in Paris and New York, and his photographs have appeared in major world publications such as French Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Australian Vogue American GQ, New York Times Magazine and Interview. He’s known for his portraits of world-renowned artists such as Morgan Freedman, Luciano Pavarotti, Ann Sophie Mutter, Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Day Lewis among others. He exhibits his personal work internationally and is faculty at The School of Visual Arts (SVA) and at International Center of Photography (ICP), as well he also conducts private workshops through PhotoRetreat. He is dedicated to providing students with strong technical skills, as well as the essentials of tapping into the creative spirit. To view his work visit: www.januszkawa.com