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Shaper Pro & Retopology

Designing in SHAPER PRO is perfect for beginners as well as experienced CAD designers who want to enhance their 3D skills. It is a complete free form modeling software that allow you to create artistic designs. Now, you can combine incredible modeling possibilities of Sub Division Surfaces with 3DESIGN CAD. These intuitive features and powerful technology will turn your ideas into models, files to be prototyped or a photo realistic images. These tool will bring you to the next level of jewelry designing, giving you unlimited possibilities to achieve the most complex creative organic designs and shapes imaginable.


  • Create artistic freeform sculpting and texturing for jewelry.
  • Be introduced to Shaper’s unique interface and modeling tools.
  • Gain an overall understanding the concepts of 3D organic and subdivision modeling.
  • Learn innovative brush modeling and measuring tools.
  • Learn how to combine Shaper with 3design CAD for comprehensive jewelry modeling.
  • How to reconstruct any 3D or 2D scanned data.
  • How to harness the power of mesh grids with lower subdivisions.
  • How to quickly create intricate scrollwork, vintage design & free form shapes.

Prereqs & Preparation

Retopology for Jewelry Designers, CAD students will be able to scan and modify any 3D or 2D scanned data, any .stl .obj files or from scratch. Retopology is an add-on to the SHAPER software for creating or reconstructing any 2D or 3D design. The course will focus on how reconstruct any 3D or 2D shape, modify and add details to a model including filigree, engraving, and texture. Retopology students learn how to rebuild any mesh grid with lower subdivisions to create more intricate design in less time. If you are interested in scrollwork, vintage rings and free form shapes, Retopology is the tool to achieve the best results. This workshop provides an ideal learning environment for hands-on training.

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