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Jenine M. Lepera


New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) was founded in 2011 by Jenine Lepera.  It is the city’s leading boutique jewelry design school in the center of New York’s world-renowned Diamond District.

Jenine left the corporate sales to study Interior Design in New York and Florence, Italy, as well as jewelry design. She a trained bench jeweler and gemologist.

“When I think about the road that lead me to start this school, I realize that it may not seem as if each step I took built on the one before it,” she continued, “but they all helped me understand and meet the needs of each and every student at the New York Institute of Jewelry Design, students whose backgrounds are as varied as the pieces of jewelry they design here.”

Jenine believes that the breadth and depth of her lifelong journey is the most valuable thing she can pass onto her students.

She takes great pride in nurturing her students and helping them succeed in the amazing world of jewelry design. “I get tremendous gratification assisting my students with the daunting task of navigating business obstacles that torment most creative people. I’ve done it, and I know that with the training they get from my school, they can do it too.”

Why Choose NYJDI ?

In today’s ever-evolving professional world, continuous learning is paramount. At our jewelry design school, we embrace the shifting landscape, nurturing creativity and fostering growth in every student. Through a blend of diverse disciplines and collaborative problem-solving, we offer an immersive educational journey that transforms perspectives. Guided by the esteemed New York Jewelry Design Institute World-class Jewelry Design Education, our faculty equips students with the essential skills to excel in their dreams as a jewelry designer or explore new pathways in an ever-changing world of jewelry.


 The New York Jewelry Design Institute offers a multiple classes designed to equip aspiring jewelry designers with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic world of jewelry design.   Students will gain hands-on experience in various aspects of jewelry design, from mastering rendering techniques to understanding the ins and outs of building a collections.  Whether you’re looking to follow your dreams in  jewelry design or lean a new skill our courses provide the perfect blend of theory and practical training to help you achieve your goals.

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