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I came from Indonesia to learn how to use CAD and rendering. I had a great time studying in a short span of 10 days. I was reading the reviews online regarding the courses and Ms.Jenine is a very fun, passionate yet always welcome questions. She ensured that I had everything thing I need, from the books that she recommend to different pen tips. At the end of the class, she introduced me to a casting office and the bench jewelers to create my first piece that I designed.

Sylvia A., Understanding CAD - Private Training

I recently completed the Photoshop course at NYJDI. I really liked it , I learned a lot of about Photoshop in context with jewelry and would highly recommend our teacher Mr Martinu Schneegass who conducted the course.

Aditi Atal, Photoshop I Design Presentation

Understanding CAD is an excellent course for beginners. I just had my second Saturday class with Jenine and I’m ecstatic. She’s an amazing teacher…so giving and nuturing. I’m beginning to connect the dots and am amazed at what this program can do and more! Needless to say…I’m hooked.

Stephen Kris, Understanding CAD Class

Truly amazing class. After completing the jewelry rendering course I felt so much more confident in the quality of designs and drawings that I can present to my clients. Jenine is a fabulous instructor that truly helps guide you to create a solid jewelry line.

Nicole Bryan, Rapid Rendering Class

Jenine is a fantastic teacher! This was my first time taking a CAD class and she made it very easy to understand. The class size was very small which gave her an opportunity to work with both students individually and at our own pace. Even after I finished the week long class with Jenine, she has continued to help me learn new 3Design functions and put me in touch with the right people to print my designs and start my own business. I’m happy I took this class and got the opportunity to work with Jenine, and I highly recommend it for anyone trying to learn CAD.

Morgan Soloman, Understanding CAD Class

I took rendering classes at NYJDI, and found it extremely helpful in developing my jewelry design skills. Jenine Lepera Izzi is an excellent instructor who knows how to teach, while still encouraging an individual expression in rendering technique. Everything was prepped and set up to make it easy for either a first time student or the experienced artist. I absolutely recommend this class, and looking forward to taking my next course with Jenine!

Julia Fedorova, Rapid Rendering Class

I took a private online class for Illustrator and it was a great experience. Martinu covered tons of material in just a few weeks. He was very patient and kind as well. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn Illustrator at your own pace from home.

Catilin Taylor, Illustrator for Jewelry Designs Class

Martinu was fantastic! I learned so much from this class, just basic knowledge of illustrator that can be applied to anything. He gives great step-by-step notes that you can take with you, so helpful. My design skills improved quite a bit in the few short weeks I took the class.
I definitely recommend it and I will definitely be back for more classes

Michelle Cavill, Illustrator for Jewelry Designers

It was truly a pleasure taking the Adobe Illustrator course for Jewelry Design. Minsun was very patient and informative. She taught me many necessary skills to effectively translate my hand drawn designs into computer generated illustrations. I am looking forward to taking additional classes in the near future at the New York Jewelry Design Institute!

Kirsten Paniccoli, Ilustrator for Jewelry Design Class

This class allow me to understand the basics of CAD. I am now able to create simple designs and build my knowledge with each practice. Great instructor!

Landen S., Understanding CAD Class
I came all the way from Syria to learn CAD and it was truly worth it. Thank you for your warm welcome….thank you for introducing me to friends…thank you for teaching me this wonderful amazing program, it was beyond my expectations. I had always dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer one day …Thanks to New York Jewelry Design Institute, especially my mentor Jenine, I am now interning with a huge jewelry company in NYC. I’m so happy!
Hiba Husayni, Understanding CAD Class

About A-Z Photography class: Janusz was an amazing professor who managed to teach me more than I could have imagined over just two days about photographing and editing jewellery. I came in knowing very little about studio photography and photoshop and left with confidence that I had the tools and resources to improve on my own! It’s been a real pleasure and real work!

Kimberly DG, Jewelry Photography

If you want to jump right in and learn how to design jewelry, this class is for you. I learned a lot of information in a short time. I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about learning jewelry design.

Tessa S., Rapid Rendering

Jenine is a gem, she ROCKS!

Sarah Karp, Rapid Rendering Class

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In today’s ever-evolving professional world, continuous learning is paramount. At our jewelry design school, we embrace the shifting landscape, nurturing creativity and fostering growth in every student. Through a blend of diverse disciplines and collaborative problem-solving, we offer an immersive educational journey that transforms perspectives. Guided by the esteemed New York Jewelry Design Institute World-class Jewelry Design Education, our faculty equips students with the essential skills to excel in their dreams as a jewelry designer or explore new pathways in an ever-changing world of jewelry.


 The New York Jewelry Design Institute offers a multiple classes designed to equip aspiring jewelry designers with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic world of jewelry design.   Students will gain hands-on experience in various aspects of jewelry design, from mastering rendering techniques to understanding the ins and outs of building a collections.  Whether you’re looking to follow your dreams in  jewelry design or lean a new skill our courses provide the perfect blend of theory and practical training to help you achieve your goals.

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