Jewelry Design Education

Jewelry Design Education2023-11-18T09:07:48-05:00

NYJDI The Epicenter of Creativity

Earlier this year we met with Pilar Bradley, the dynamic editor and chief of PRIMADONNA ZINE, a New York [...]

The Dazzling History of Engagement Rings

Did you know that engagement rings have a history that's as old as, well, time itself? It all started [...]

Evolve or Fade: Why 3D Solutions Are Essential for Modern Businesses

Let’s be real. In this day and age it has become practically industry standard to use technology to run [...]

The Exciting Future of A.I. in the Jewelry Industry

As the jewelry industry advances into an era defined by innovation and technological transformation, the spotlight is now on [...]

Golden Alchemy: The Refinery Revolution with Au

Gold has always held a timeless allure, captivating humanity with its beauty and value. In recent years, the concept [...]

Diamonds In the Rough – A Practical Guide to Buying Precious Gemstones

For aspiring jewelry designers, venturing into the world of diamond and gemstone buying can be an exciting yet intimidating [...]


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