About NYJDI – Jewelry Design School

The New York Jewelry Design Institute is pioneering modern programming and methods in jewelry design education. Traditional, linear studies, requiring prerequisite courses to advance, are replaced with a circular curriculum, developed to allow students the flexibility to take classes they choose in order to flourish as entrepreneurs. NYJDI professional studies follow a fundamental process known as the ABCs of Jewelry Design: Art, Business, and CAD, which are essential to succeed in the gem, jewelry, and luxury watch trade.

The ABCs of Jewelry Design

The ABCs are a series of courses that can be taken in sequence, or independently at the student’s preference. This gives emerging designers, and as well as seasoned professionals, an opportunity to create a program that works best for his or her individual needs. Students looking to launch their collections, as well as those who are changing careers, gain the competitive edge needed to start a lucrative business.

To ensure excellence in the classroom and relevancy on the job, our instructional design, marketing, and product teams work tirelessly to iterate, adapt, and evolve our curriculums.

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Popular Courses