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Understanding Jewelry CAD – Private Training Classes

Participants in this class are given an in-depth introduction to the 3Design CAD/CAM program; 3Design is the industry’s best jewelry CADprogram. The focus is on understanding how the program works, building and modifying basic designs, and visualizing various colors and materials on screen. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your first computer-aided designs. Every class day features several hours of demonstration follow by supervised lab time to allow students to learn the key concepts and features and apply them effectively.


  • Learn how to use 3Design’s jewelry CAD software to gain solid CAD skills.
  • Quickly make and change rings and stones sizes using parametric history.
  • Create rendering skills with jewelry CAD for website and photo imaging.
  • Share lifelike professional designs and models with tutors, colleagues, and customers.
  • Create STL files for 3D printing and create your own unique jewelry.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Please bring a laptop.

Recommended Classes

This course is only taught privately.  Group classes are  available upon request.  Please use the form below to schedule a call and learn how you can get started.

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