Art, business and CAD are the focus of the New York Jewelry Design Institute’s new courses beginning Jan. 2018.

New York–This spring, the New York Jewelry Design Institute is holding five courses that focus on what they call the ABCs of jewelry design: art, business and computer-aided design (CAD).

“The ABCs are an easy way to remember what the full program is about,” explained Jenine Lepera Izzi, creative director of NYJDI.

“Our course of studies is circular, not linear, so students can begin anywhere. There is no starting, or ending point. Some students gravitate more towards one pillar (art, business or CAD) over the others. By compartmentalizing the different classes, it is easier for them to gain the well-rounded skills needed to become great designers.”

Under the art category, students can partake in two courses: “Rapid Rendering” and “Adobe Illustrator for Jewelry Design.”

Both courses meet one evening a week at the NYJDI New York City campus and focus on sketching jewelry–by hand and digitally.

“Rapid Rendering,” taught by Lepera Izzi, focuses on critical shading, coloring and texturing skills for sketching designs by hand. Martinu Schneegass leads “Adobe Illustrator for Jewelry Design,” a beginner’s introduction to the important program.

Schneegass explained, “Illustrator is an industry standard required for every jewelry designer. As an Art pillar, it is a powerful and precise tool for designers, looking to create eye catching professional drawings for production, which are a key element for mass production. Illustrator files can be imported into Photoshop and CAD to create realistic three-dimensional images, which add drama and context to a digital, or print, presentation.”

Falling under NYJDI’s Business category, “Jewelry Branding and Marketing” will help designers understand how to put their creations in front of the public eye and understand the difference between branding and marketing. That course will be led by Vashti de Verteuil.

Lastly, “Shaper Pro and Retopology” and “Understanding Jewelry CAD” make up the CAD classes starting this month.

Hiba Husanyi will teach the former, which will focus on creating two- and three-dimensional designs in various metalwork techniques and textures, while the latter provides an extensive introduction to CAD programs, where students receive one-on-one instruction.

For more information about these classes, contact NYJDI at 212-951-1314 or