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Manhattan’s Elite Jewelry District- 47th Street (Tour)



Manhattan’s Elite Jewelry District- 47th Street  (Tour)

Take a tour of Manhattan’s elite jewelry district, know simply in the industry a 47th Street. We will open up the hidden doors to jeweler, designer, and appraiser. You’ll learn the fascinating secrets of the jewelry business and how the biggest deals are sealed. Take a step-by-step first-hand glance at how jewelry is created, from design to a finished product. Experience how this unique street operates daily. You will walk through the entire process of jewelry creation, from design to model making, casting, pre-polishing, assembly, setting, and final polishing.




About the Tour Guide:   Raymond Hakimi, an award winning jewelry designer at Jewel of Ocean, who grew up in an industry business, is also a bench jeweler, metalsmith, dealer, importer, appraiser, jewelry industry historian, and educator.