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Photography for Jewelry Designers

Jewelry Photography Weekend Workshop – (2) Sessions

Whether you want to photograph your own jewelry design for a web portfolio or you want to learn how to photograph jewelry professionally for a client, this 2-day workshop is for you. You will be guided step-by-step through basic DSLR manual camera settings to control the exposure and white balance in order to understand your camera’s creative power. You will learn how to shoot like a Pro directly (tethered) into your computer. Lighting for jewelry can be very challenging but it doesn’t need to be intimidating, you will learn different lighting techniques with flash & continuous light, understanding the quality and direction of light. Using different background materials, you’ll learn how to make creative decisions to make your particular jewelry stand out. By the end of this workshop you will be able to execute your future jewelry shoots on your own.


  • Basic manual camera setting
  • Different lighting set-ups
  • Shooting tethered/directly into computer
  • Manipulate image in Photoshop & Lightroom to achieve professional results
  • Manage output images for Print & Web usage

For this class you will need:

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Saturday & Sunday (2) sessions

 April 22nd & 23rd, 2023

10.00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: 17 West 45th Street, Suite 904
New York, NY 10036