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NYJDI has developed an entrepreneurial focus to the curriculum, for those looking into a career in jewelry design.
The ABCs: Art, Business, and CAD are the three pillars that will be easy to remember what our curriculum is about. Our full program is circular, not linear; there is no starting or ending point, which allows students to gravitate to what they need to learn. Our program makes it easier for students to become great, well-rounded jewelry designers, standing out among their competition.
Below is a list of all our classes and workshop grouped under the ABC's. You can begin where you need to.
Our initial recommendation is to start the classes in order listed below. If you feel you want to start with at the most basic class, Rapid Rendering is the place to begin and can be taken anytime, even if you are an experienced jewelry designer. Most of our classes are offered privately to accommodate your training schedule.


The “A” in the ABCs aligns with art, and a designer’s ability to create hand-painted and digital executions of a vision.



The “B” refers to the business side of jewelry design. A designer can have great talent and vision, but without being business savvy, it is hard to achieve success.



The “C” refers to CAD (Computer Aided Design) NYJDI helps take your designs from beautiful hand rendering and/or 2D computer drawings into Jewelry CAD and finally 3D printing and casting for a final piece of jewelry.


From concept and proficient design, to brand building, NYJDI is leading the conversation on training and encouraging the next generation of emerging designers to take hold of their careers.

What You Will Learn at NYJDI

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About NYJDI Creative Director

About Jenine Lepera Izzi, NYJDI Creative Director

Jenine Lepera Izzi, Creative Director of the New York Jewelry Design Institute, did not start her career imagining that she would one day operate a school for budding jewelry designers. Armed with a business degree, the Boston native spent the initial part of her career in lucrative corporate sales positions in the biotech and finance industries, building a loyal client base along the East Coast from Boston to Miami. She also maintained a passion for art, quality design, as well as living and working in New York City. Learn More >

Industry Tours

Come join us on one of our industry tours as we visit diamond cutters to amazing jewelry designers and get insights on their experience and the trade. Experience what really happens behind the scenes.


Enjoy our hands-on workshops ranging from technical design and Photoshop to manufacturing and branding. Workshops are available beginner to advanced. Check out our upcoming workshops.

NYJDI Courses

NYJDI has developed an entrepreneurial focus to the curriculum for those looking into a career in jewelry design. Art, Business, and CAD are the three pillars of the new curriculum. Learn More >

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