Art of Silver Metal Clay

Art of Silver Metal Clay – (1) Session

In this workshop you’ll learn how to design, sculpt, and fire your own jewelry using Precious Metal Clay (PMC).  PMC is a clay form similar to the texture and feel of natural clay, but containing very fine particles of silver. The silver particles combined with the organic clay material, allow jewelry making as simple as filling a mold, or as intricate as sculpting fine details into your piece. Once your design has completely dried, turning it into silver only requires  being fired with a torch, rather than learning to properly use a kiln.

The finished piece, once fired, leaves you with 99% pure silver jewelry, which can then be polished, etched, enameled, or colored with patina. For a more elegant or expensive piece, many gemstones can also be fired in the clay or set in afterwards.


You’ll learn:

Different types of metal clay and what they are used for.

The stages of workability of the clay, how to store it, and fire it.


  •  How to work with PMC
  •  Rolling & Cutting Metal Clay
  •  Creating Your Own Texture
  •  Wet and Dry Construction
  •  Firing your Piece with a Torch
  •  Making Wire-like Forms in Metal Clay
  •  Fire in Place Bezel Gem Setting

    For this class you will need:

    •  Fine Silver Metal Clay such as PMC3
    •  25g, 2- 5 mm fire in place gems ( must withstand 1650 ˚ for torch firing)
    •  400 grit sandpaper
    •  3M polish paper
    •  Metal clays sculpting tools
    •  Polishing cloth

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    Saturday (1) session

    May 1,  2021

    11:00 am – 4:00 pm

    No refunds after classes begin

    Location: 17 West 45th Street, Suite 904
    New York, NY 10036

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