Building Your Jewelry Collection —Translating the Trends (1) Sessions

The business of trend forecasting is an integral part of jewelry design. To evolve a collection, it is essential for designers to know where the market is going, since each year is notable for distinct accessories trends. This course helps designers understand, identify, and translate future trends that can be used to create a successful line.
Students will learn how to draw from a variety of sources to identify windows of design opportunity. They will not only learn how to identify an upcoming trend, but how to set the trends according to inspiration and innovation found elsewhere, such as: art shows, home décor, fashion, furniture, and the news.
For some, jewelry follows fashion choices, enhancing an outfit for work or play. For others, it is a form of self-expression and identifies the wearer openly with a value, view, or cause. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to create a collection that aligns trends with a client’s style and budget.


  • Define a trend
  • Identify resources for trends, as well as places to find them
  • Deconstruct trends for a specific client
  • Make trends “work” within your design aesthetic
  • Learn the timelines for trend forecasting
  • Increase your profits

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Jenine Lepera Izzi

About the Instructor

Jenine Lepera Izzi studied art and design in New York City and Florence, Italy for many years. She has developed her own techniques in rendering jewelry designs. Her unique style of design is a culmination of training as an interior designer as well as a bench jeweler. Her work synthesizes her lifelong interest in design, a fascination with color and attention to detail that she brings into the classroom.

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