Finding Your Voice

Self-reflection is a fundamental aspect of uncovering your creative identity.

By Jenine Lepera, Founder of the New York Jewelry Design Institute

Each of us harbors a unique voice, resonating with profound authenticity. Our creative essence isn’t fabricated; it arises innately from within, shaped by personal experiences and influences since birth. As we progress through life, we embark on a voyage of self-discovery, gradually revealing and harmonizing with our inherent voice. This pursuit of uncovering our creative identity is deeply intimate, requiring introspection rather than external affirmation.  

Engaging the Senses

As a jewelry instructor, I strive to empower my students with the necessary tools to craft their own unique jewelry designs that embody their individual essence, while also discouraging the inclination toward imitation. While acknowledging the benefits of drawing inspiration from others, I focus on nurturing individual expression without becoming overly influenced by external factors.

To do this, I guide my students through their transformative journey of self-discovery. I start the creative process by having them engage all five of their senses. This ritual signifies the beginning of the creative journey, offering students the freedom to experiment and connect with their creativity. This allows them to unwind and build confidence in their ability to explore their true potential.

When guiding my students to create their creative sanctuaries, I encourage them to carve out personal spaces. This could be as simple as dedicating a corner or separate area for themselves. Students are prompted to enhance their home environment with scented candles or invigorating fragrances, as well as vision boards, enveloping themselves in their creative realm.

To stimulate the senses in my classroom studio, I incorporate the color
orange, which symbolizes creativity. Touches of orange embellish the studio, students sit in vibrant orange acrylic chairs, tangerine essential oil fills the air, and students enjoy Perle di Sole tangerine drops to tantalize their sense of taste.

In addition, I integrate Italian solfeggio music and binaural beats to foster relaxation and focus. This auditory backdrop encourages the mind, soul, and spirit to enter a state of creative flow.

Embarking on Your Inner Journey

Self-reflection constitutes a fundamental aspect of the creative journey, intricately woven into the fabric of finding one’s voice. Allocating time for this introspective practice is imperative. Dedicate moments to ponder your life’s encounters, fascinations, fervors, and principles. Delve into what distinguishes you and the diverse viewpoints you offer. Journaling can serve as a beneficial aid throughout this insightful exploration.

Here are some additional suggestions to help you further embark upon the inner journey, which you can integrate into or adapt to suit your personal needs

Above all, stay true to yourself. Uphold the authenticity of your vision and instincts. Refrain from conforming to external expectations or trends. Your essence lies in embracing your true self and expressing it authentically through your creative endeavors. May your jewelry designs reflect the unique spirit you embody.