The New York Jewelry Design Institute of New York has proudly been teaching jewelry designers since we opened our doors. Helmed by Jenine Lepera Izzi, NYJDI offers flexible and customized classes for every student. It’s our mission to help the current and future designers of this fine industry with the ins and outs of what they need to know in design.

Whether your goal is to learn new skills, transform your career, launch your own jewelry line or to work within the jewelry design industry, we’ve created a variety of classes to fit your needs. 

Got Specific Design Needs? We’re Proud to Offer Customized Classes 

By offering customized classes, we’re able to assist new and experienced designers with the right tools for success. With NYJDI, get the chance to tap into your inherent creativity, learn the technical aspects of the craft, and build the skills you need to flourish in the field.

Why Rachel Chose The NYJDI To Learn

Meet Rachel, a fine custom jewelry designer who started her own company called Rachel Ruth Designs. Rachel first came to us looking to continue honing her craft and leveling up her business for future success. 

“I was really drawn to the institute and Jenine because I wanted to up my skills and think about what I wanted to do for the future. I found Jenine through searching for jewelry technical classes in New York and it’s been really great. She’s been teaching me CAD and more of the technical rapid rendering sketching skills that are really relevant in the business for what jewelry designers need right now.”

Rachel Ruth Designs

Photo courtesy of Rachel Ruth Designs

Rachel’s been taking classes since January of 2021 and was given the option of either doing her classes virtually or in person. Rachel decided to do her classes in person with Jenine as the classes were one on one with safety protocols in place. This allowed Rachel to feel safe while getting a customized teaching experience with the New York Jewelry Design Institute. 

“I graduated from FIT and it was a few years ago now and I did more of a business degree at the time. I felt like because time has passed and what I need now, Jenine gives me more of the specialized technical skills – more than what I could get at FIT.”

As the jewelry design industry continually changes, it’s important to stay on top of trends and adapt. At NYJI, our courses do just that! We’re ready to help you grow your business in ways you never dreamed. 

Rachel’s Professional Career Has Never Been Better

Rachel got started in Japan focusing on luxury pearl jewelry and after a few years she came to New York to work at Mikimoto. Rachel says Jenine is taking her even further in her potential and as far as what she’s learned from NYJDI and applied to her company, Rachel expressed that in the past she had to go to someone to do CAD for her. Now, though; she’s able to be a part of the process from start to finish.

”I can give my clients an even better experience because I’m doing it myself. Jenine is giving me the tools so I can give my customers what they want.” 

Grow Exponential Confidence with NYJDI Courses

Rachel expressed that Jenine allowed Rachel to learn at her own pace and felt comfortable with the fact that she was given enough time to learn, as opposed to being forced to learn at a pace she wasn’t comfortable with. Jenine completely and fully customized the lessons to Rachel’s needs, something Rachel has not experienced before. 

“[Jenine] said, ‘Rachel, you have your own style, let me focus on this more’. I never got discouraged and I even wanted to go even farther – I purchased the software for myself.”

Rachel looks to take more classes at the New York Jewelry Design Institute and feels it’s a long-term connection. We’re excited for Rachel’s future success and to continue assisting her with building her jewelry design skills. You can view Rachel’s designs on her business website at Rachel Ruth Designs

Another Student Success Story: Stephanie

Stephanie has been in the jewelry industry for a little over two years – she works with her sister and the two took over their father’s business two and a half years ago, which was established in 1982. Stephanie and her sister felt inspired to keep the business going – a business mostly in jewelry contracting, manufacturing, jewelry finishing in New York City. 

While Stephanie’s father never really was into the design spectrum himself, Stephanie expresses that that is something her father always felt they could do. So, this is how Stephanie started looking up CAD design – feeling that it was important to learn in order to make her own custom jewelry. After a quick internet search, she found NYJDI and felt that it would fit her needs due to Jenine offering one on one CAD training. 

Panorama Jewelry

“I’ve done the eight-week course and I just finished last month and we worked together for the eight weeks – once a week. Jenine would give me homework assignments to solidify what we learned.”

Stephanie went on to say that this homework was Jenine’s way of instilling the importance of practicing while not in a class. This allowed her to not forget what she had learned from week to week. 

While Stephanie took the eight-week course, she says that Jenine has offered additional classes if Stephanie feels that she should sharpen her CAD classes. Stephanie happily took Jenine up on that offer, and has decided to take some illustration classes. 

Similar to Rachel’s experience, Jenine was able to customize Stephanie’s learning – especially since Stephanie was looking to design a specific piece of jewelry.

“It is really tailored to the student,” Jenine says. 

You can find Stephanie’s business Panorama Jewelry through the Panorama Jewelry website, as well as on Instagram

To immerse yourself in a once in a lifetime experience with customized classes like Stephanie and Rachel had, sign up now! Our Summer/Fall courses are available now on our website.