Exploring the Evolution of Jewelry Throughout The Years

The history of jewelry traces back to some of the world’s most remote civilizations. From shells, pebbles and fishbones to [...]

Live Colorfully: The Key to Creating Powerful Jewelry

When you study how artists like interior designers, painters, architects, and clothing designers utilize color, you'll gain a sense of how various shades [...]

The Future of Jewelry is Bright: How Covid is changing the face of jewelry manufacturing for good

With the spread of the coronavirus, came a whirlwind of unanticipated implications for small and independent businesses. Along with the [...]

Hand Sketching Is Making a Comeback

“No designer wants to be a copy of somebody else. Designing is the ability to authentically express your creative inner [...]

Bootstrapping Your Way to Success: Top 3 Secrets All Emerging Jewelry Designers Need to Know

Churning a yearly revenue of more than $1B, the global jewelry industry shows great promise. A love of the craft [...]

How to Stay Inspired as a Jewelry Designer

Has your muse let go of you completely? Each one of us knows how frustrating it is to stare at [...]


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