Jewelry Design Education

Jewelry Design Education2023-11-18T09:07:48-05:00

Diamonds In the Rough – A Practical Guide to Buying Precious Gemstones

For aspiring jewelry designers, venturing into the world of diamond and gemstone buying can be an exciting yet intimidating [...]

The Power of CAD for Your Small Jewelry Business

As a small jewelry business owner, you're always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition and deliver [...]

Discover Your Passions Outside Your 9 to 5

We’ve all experienced being at the crossroads between pursuing a “legitimate” career and a not so lucrative “fun” career. [...]

Translating Trends: Developing a Cohesive Jewelry Collection

Who decides the Pantone Color of the Year every single year… and who decided that low-rise pants were a trend again?

The Evolution of Wax Carving & Casting

Wax carving and casting is a widely popular technique used in jewelry production due to the natural properties of wax.

ZBrush: The World’s Leading Digital Sculpting Software

If you’re a jewelry designer and you don’t know how to use Zbrush — it is finally time to get this tool under your belt!


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