Who decides the Pantone Color of the Year every single year… and who decided that low-rise pants were a trend again? And why did we as a society all blindly follow the fact that Kelly Green was the “it” color of 2022 all because a major fashion house said so? If these questions have ever raced through your mind as you browsed around your favorite brands along Prince Street, keep reading…

New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) The New York Jewelry Design Institute pioneers modern programming and methods in jewelry design education.

“Trends spread like wildfire”

A trend has been described as the, “beginning of a new direction, taking a turn on something that already exists.” They are waves of change that are often short-lived to keep up with our fast-paced society. Trends become mainstream and spread like wildfire in society. How do trends spread at this pace in the current socio-environment? We can thank social media for that. With apps like TikTok and Instagram at our fingertips, trends appear in front of our eyes with little effort. Influencers have become the relatable personality that acts as the bridge between runaway models and the everyday woman. But as all waves rise, they also fall. Trends have a natural life cycle consisting of five stages. The five stages include: introduction, rise, peak, decline, and obsolescence. 

Where do Trends Originate?

During the introduction stage is when major fashion brands or designers during Fashion week introduce a new style. A new style can encompass a color, pattern, fabric, etc. These new styles often originate in Europe and migrate to the United States. Big American corporations capture trends from the major fashion cities like Paris and Milan. Trend forecasters are responsible for identifying these emerging trends and predicting how they will shape a certain industry. Along with identifying emerging trends, they are also responsible for coming up with recommendations for brands using consumer data. A lot more goes into trend forecasting that meets the eye. This vital role includes analyzing data and statistics for thorough trend reports. Trend forecasters play a major role in the success of a brand’s new collection.

New York Jewelry Design Institute (NYJDI) The New York Jewelry Design Institute pioneers modern programming and methods in jewelry design education.

What are Upcoming 2023 Trends & How do I apply it to my Jewelry Collection?

Understanding the natural cycle of trends and translating upcoming trends is so vital for designers to create a cohesive jewelry collection that will generate traction. As a designer, trend forecasting is an ever evolving skill that needs fine tuning.

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